About us

VEEDEEO is a cloud video platform designed to unify all video communications in the galaxy!

Our mission is to make video conferencing as universal, simple and comfortable to use as your phone and to promote video communications as modern, sustainable and balanced way of working.

We are a private company, 100% bootstrapped by it's founders. Born in 2013 in Funchal, Madeira, currently our operations are mainly based in ☀ Lisbon - Portugal, in Europe's lovely West Coast.

In 2018 we have launched VEEDEEO.GURU - a marketplace for services delivered real-time through video. VEEDEEO.GURU powers a new generation of independent professionals and businesses by giving them a virtual office to sell their services online.



Department Email / Contact Form Phone Video Number (SIP / H323)
Sales (+351) 21 365 4003
Marketing and Public Relations (+351) 21 365 4004
Customer Support (+351) 21 365 4005
Partners (+351) 21 365 4002
Management and Investor Relations (+351) 21 365 4001


Companies behind VEEDEEO

VAT / Reg.No. PT 510 602 266

VAT / Reg.No. PT 505 871 599

Office Address

Estrada de Paço de Arcos, 6 D
2770-129 Paço de Arcos
Lisbon, PT

Tel: (+351) 21 365 4000

Engineered in the European Union

The right way to meet

Save time and money by meeting remotely with colleagues, partners and customers all over the world through high quality video meetings. Increase your productivity and quality of living by replacing in-person meetings by more flexible and modern face-to-face video meetings.

For You

No more 2 hours trip for a 40 min meeting. Avoid traffic jams and lost time traveling around.

Meet face-to-face from the comfort of your laptop or video conferencing system and do more, faster and with less stress.

For Your Company

Dramatically reduce costs and improve the productivity of your teams by promoting video collaboration at your company.

Video meetings have a direct impact on your bottom line and enables you to stay ahead of competition by facilitating agile decision making and information spread.

For The Environment

Save the planet, one meeting at a time!

By preferring to have video meetings over on-premise, you are saving tons of CO2 emissions per year and contributing for a healthier planet and a more balanced way of working.