Stream your meetings to thousands, in real-time

Transform your corporate announcements, trainings, workshops and product releases into engaging online events

check_circle Broadcast from Browsers and SIP/H.323 systems
check_circle Multi-point video with screen-share
check_circle Watch from any browser, including mobiles
check_circle Event recording and playback
Online event

Turn a video meeting into a large-scale online event

Online event viewer

Broadcast from any device, watch from any browser

Use your SIP / H.323 video conferencing systems, desktop or smartphone to broadcast your meetings and events - single or multi-point - and let your guests watch in virtually any browser, including mobiles.

Viewer reporting

Know who is watching your video broadcast in real time.
Access the broadcast analytics to get reports on the participants list, with detailed information about entry and exit times and text chat transcript.
Online training
Watch live broadcast on mobile

Adaptative Broadcast Bandwidth

VEEDEEO automatically adjusts the bandwidth and resolution for each broadcast viewer according to their network conditions.
For large audiences under the same network, you can activate the “low-bandwidth broadcast” so that each viewer is limited to a low bit rate, avoiding network congestions.

Live broadcast features

add Broadcast from SIP / H323 and Desktops
add Up to 6 speakers in HD 720p video
add Ephemeral and fixed broadcast codes
add Secure access PIN
add Screen-sharing
add Capacity for 100, 250, 500 or 1000+ viewers
add Watch from any browser, including mobiles
add Embeded broadcast page
add Event recording and playback
add Text chat with private / public modes
add Post-event reporting: names, entry times and chat transcript

What our customers say:

format_quoteBest live broadcast platform

star star star star star

I can say that VEEDEEO is the best broadcast platform I've used. It's really simple to manage and you don't need to install any software. Amazing!


Online events?

For online events
For SIP & H.323 video systems
For SMBs and Home Offices

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