Cloud SIP/H323 Gatekeeper

Connect your video conferencing systems to the world, securely

Your Video Systems unleashed

VEEDEEO provides a powerful Cloud Video Gatekeeper that enables you to connect your SIP and H323 video conferencing systems externally - across firewalls - in an easy and secure way, and without the need for hardware or complex configurations.

Add a new layer of video communication services to your existing video infrastructure and make video-calling as simple as using a phone.


Make your video systems reachable outside your firewalls
Simplify video infrastructure management
Add extra security to video communications
Reduce IT costs

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Why a Cloud Video Gatekeeper?


The Internet architecture - full of different networks, firewalls, routers and switches - is not an easy environment for video communications.

VEEDEEO Cloud SIP/H323 Gatekeeper enables the connection of video conferencing systems to a secure cloud environment that handles all this complexity for you - making video calls with other video conferencing systems, internal or external to your organization, easy and straightforward. The video puzzle solved.


Supports SIP and H323 protocols
NAT transversal
Nothing to install - pure cloud infrastructure
No need for public IP addresses or port redirects
Media proxying
Access to the Global Video Directory
H323 Cloud Room Console
Call SPAM protection
Skype for Business interoperability
Open network: connect with systems not registered in the VEEDEEO Cloud

Register your video systems in the cloud today

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Your own Video Number for Every Room System

With the VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper, your video conferencing systems get a unique - and global - Video Number you can use to receive video calls (SIP or H323) from any other video conferencing system - internal or external to your organization.

I.e. 800123456 /

And by combining the VEEDEEO Skype for Business Integration, your video conferencing systems will also have a public Skype for Business address that can be used to receive video calls from Skype for Business users.


Supported Systems

VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper has been tested and is certified to be used with all major video conferencing system manufacturers, such as Cisco®, Huawei®, Polycom® and Tandberg®, amongst others.

Other Video Systems
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Customer success
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It is a platform that solves the connection problems of different video conferencing systems, across organizations.
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How it works

Create your video system registration
Use the VEEDEEO web portal to get your Video Numbers and registration PINs
Register your video system in the VEEDEEO Cloud
In both SIP and H323 protocols
Start making and receiving video calls
chevron_rightFrom other registered systems:
_simply use your system's video number (i.e. 800123456)
chevron_rightFrom external systems:
_use your video system’s SIP / H323 URI (i.e.
chevron_rightFrom Skype for Business clients:
_use your video system's public Skype address (i.e.

The Global Video Directory

By using the VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper, you have the option to make your video systems available for search by other VEEDEEO enterprise users.

This means that all VEEDEEO customers have access to a Global Directory of video systems and video conference rooms, making it is easier to find the video number (or URI, or Skype address) of each other, thus simplifying video communications between different organizations.

Cloud Room Console H323

VEEDEEO Cloud Room Console enables you to access your Corporate and Global Video Directories from a tablet and start a H323 video call to other registered video systems with a simple tap.

Simplify the usage of your video conferencing systems by providing a modern and intuitive interface for your users to:

  • chevron_rightView and search your corporate directory of video rooms and systems
  • chevron_rightSearch the Global Video Directory for other companies using VEEDEEO
  • chevron_rightStart a H323 video call from the cloud with a single tap
  • chevron_rightView the video meetings schedule for that video room
  • chevron_rightJoin a video meeting directly from the meetings schedule


VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper starts at $15,00 / €15,00 per month, per video system registration. Contact us for options and add-ons or to get a personalized quote for your company. Volume discounts may apply.