Take your video systems outside the firewall

Connect your SIP / H323 video conferencing systems to the cloud gatekeepers and have video calls with any other video system in the world.

check_circle No software or hardware to install
check_circle Public SIP and H323 address for each video system
check_circle Simplified calls between registered systems
check_circle Call spam protection
Video conferencing system

Connect your video systems to the cloud

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Manage your video infrastructure in the cloud

Video call using video conferencing system

Corporate Video System Directory

Have all your video conferencing systems connected to the cloud and get rid of expensive hardware-based gatekeepers. Have a unique video number for each video system, that you can use to make and receive SIP and H323 video calls with other video systems - inside and outside your firewalls.

Cloud Room Console H323

Simplify the usability of your video conferencing systems by providing a modern and intuitive web interface that enables users to view your corporate video directory and start a H323 video call with a simple tap.

VEEDEEO Cloud Room Console
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Supports all major manufacturers

VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper has been tested and is certified to be used with all major video conferencing system manufacturers, such as Cisco®, Huawei®, Polycom® and Tandberg®, amongst others.

Plans and Prices

Our cloud gatekeepers are available at an affordable monthly fee, suited for companies of all sizes.
For large scale deployments, please contact our sales team.

Cloud Gatekeeper
Video System RegistrationSystem Registration
EUR 15 .00
per video system, per month,
billed annually
EUR 19.95 billed monthly
Licensing per video system registration
Point-to-point video calls
H323 and SIP
Point-to-point video calls
SIP gatekeeper check
SIP gatekeeper
H323 gatekeeper check
H323 gatekeeper
H323 Cloud Room Console new!
Have a modern web interface for your video systems
H323 Cloud Room Console
Call spam protection check
Call spam protection
Corporate Video System Directory check
Corporate Video System Directory
Global Video System Directory
Search video systems from other VEEDEEO customers
Global Video System Directory
Integrated with Virtual Meeting Rooms check
Integrated with Virtual Meeting Rooms
Media proxying check
Media proxying
NAT traversal check
NAT traversal
No need for public IP address
nor port redirecs
No need for public IP address
Encrypted video communications
TLS support
Encrypted video communications
Vendor agnostic Supports
Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Tandberg
and others
Skype for Business integration
Connect to your video systems directly from a S4B client
Skype for Business integration

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format_quoteSimple and efficient platform

VEEDEEO is a platform that solves the connection problems of different video conferencing systems, across organizations.

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