Virtual meeting rooms for SIP, H.323 and browsers

Improve the video meeting experience. Connect your SIP and H.323 video systems with remote users and exernal parties and enjoy the comfort of high quality video conferencing at your organization.

check_circleIntegrate Browsers and Mobiles with SIP/H.323 Systems
check_circle Secure, encrypted communications
check_circle Automatic translation in more than 120 languages
check_circle100% cloud, nothing to install
Video meeting using H323 system

Multi-point, multi-protocol, borderless video meetings

Video meeting

SIP and H323 ready

Have internal and external videoconferencing systems easily connected to your virtual meeting rooms in multi-point and multi-protocol. Video interoperability solved.
Huawei videoconferencing Polycom videoconferencing Cisco videoconferencing Lifesize videoconferencing Aver videoconferencing Yealink videoconferencing

Browser ready

Enjoy the simplicity and speed of modern WebRTC browsers to connect to your video meetings. All major browsers supported in desktop. Chrome and Safari supported in mobiles (Android / iPhone).
Chrome browser Safari browser Firefox browser Opera browser Edge browser
Video meeting on browser
Video meeting on mobile

Mobile ready

Connect from iOs and Android smartphones or tablets using our simple to use mobile App.
Android Apple iOS

Invite anyone

Have the freedom to invite anyone in the world for your video meetings. Your guests will be able to join your virtual meeting room without creating any account - simply follow the meeting invitation link.

Immersive experience

Meet remotely as if you were in the same room.
Our video-centric interface provides a natural feeling and distraction-free video collaboration.

Nothing to install

Pure cloud platform.
Access your video meetings using any modern browser from your desktop or mobile, phones, or use a SIP / H.323 video conferencing system. No need to install any software.

A comprehensive video conferencing solution for the Enterprise

Automated meeting start and call-back

Have your video meetings automatically started at the scheduled date and watch the virtual meeting room call back all video conferencing systems invited to the call.

Corporate video system directory

Register your SIP and H.323 video systems in the VEEDEEO cloud and have your video infrastructure seamlessly integrated with your virtual meeting rooms.

Branded virtual meeting rooms

Strengthen your corporate identity by having your logo as video meeting wallpaper and email invitations.

Automatic translation

Powerful speech recognition

VEEDEEO combines the best video meeting experience with powerful machine learning technology to provide you with an integrated solution that automatically transcribes and translates your video meetings to over 120 languages with incredible accuracy.

Break language constraints

Meet with anyone in the world speaking your own language and let VEEDEEO automatically translate your meetings.
Speech-to-text and translation Speech-to-text technology powered by Google
Virtual Meeting Room

Enterprise video communications?

For SIP & H.323 video systems
For SMBs and Home Offices
For online events

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