For SIP and H.323 video conferencing

Integrate your existing SIP and H.323 video infrastructure with the cloud and leverage the full potential of video collaboration with external parties

check_circle Multi-point, multi-protocol meetings
check_circle Native SIP and H323 support
check_circle Live video meeting broadcast
check_circleRobust cloud infrastructure
Video meeting using H323 system
Video meeting using H323 system

SIP and H.323 systems, we present you the Cloud

Take your SIP and H323 video conferencing systems outside the firewalls and connect with any other organization. Have multi-device video meetings joining legacy video conferencing systems with participants in desktops, mobiles and phones.
VEEDEEO is a powerful video conferencing platform that supports the most demanding video collaboration scenarios, from point-to-point H323 video calls to large scale online events or multi-point video meetings across the globe.

Use cases

check SIP / H323 video calls between offices or different organizations
check Video interoperability: connect different devices and protocols in multi-point video meetings
check Multi-point video meetings joining SIP / H323 video systems, desktops, mobiles and phones
check Online events and live broadcast of training workshops, corporate announcements or product presentations
Enter a new era of video collaboration and provide your users with an easy to use video conferencing platform that closes the gap between the tradicional SIP / H323 video systems and today's browser and mobile environments.


Vendor agnostic
Works with any video conferencing system manufacturer
Cisco Cisco Huawei Lifesize Aver Yealink
Nothing to install
Meeting access from the browser.
Pure cloud platform for virtual meeting rooms and gatekeepers.
Robust infrastructure
Supported by a global datacenter network, available in 4 continents
Centralized user management
Including detailed reporting and auto-user provisioning
Personalized branding
Have your company logo at your virtual meeting rooms background

Video meeting features

check_circle SIP / H323 connectivity
check_circle Integrated phone audio-conference
check_circle Meeting recording and playback
check_circle Advanced meeting controls, including centralized audio and video mute
check_circle High-quality 720p video
check_circle Flexible meeting layout selection
check_circle Up to 25 SIP / H.323 simultaneous video connections
check_circle Connect from any device: video systems, desktops, mobiles and phones

Additional features

add Meeting auto-start
add Automatic broadcast
add Automatic meeting recording
add Video system call-back
add Corporate video system directory
add Fixed VMR numbers

More than SIP/H323 Virtual Meeting Rooms

Cloud SIP / H323 Gatekeeper

Register your SIP and H323 video conference systems in the VEEDEEO Cloud Gatekeeper and have secure video calls with any other video systems, across firewalls.

Live broadcast and Online events

Have product presentations, training workshops or corporate announcements watched live by hundreds or thousands of viewers through the Internet.
Broadcast from your browser or your video conferencing system and engage with your audience through online text-chat

Automatic real-time Translation

Have video meetings with anyone in the world speaking your own language and have VEEDEEO translate what others are saying automatically and in real-time.
Support for 120 languages and variants. Powered by machine-learning and advanced AI from Google®.

Connect your video systems to the cloud

Remove the constraints when connecting your SIP or H323 video conferencing systems outside firewalls. Whether for point-to-point calls between offices or multi-point video meetings in the cloud, VEEDEEO is the ideal solution for your company to unleash the power of your existing video conferencing infrastructure.

What our Customers say:

format_quoteSimple and efficient platform

star star star star star

VEEDEEO solved the problem of connecting all our video conferencing systems across different networks and organizations.

IT Manager


For SIP & H.323 video systems
For SMBs and Home Offices
For online events

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