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VARs and System Integrators


For companies reselling video conferencing systems or providing IT administration and network support services, VEEDEEO is a great product to offer your existing customers, bringing you a new recurring revenue stream with strong growth potential.

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Telco Companies


If you are a Telecommunications provider with presence in the B2B segment, then VEEDEEO is the right product to build your offer in terms of video communications.

Increase sales of video conferencing equipments from the top manufacturers - such as Cisco®, Huawei® and Polycom® - creating product bundles with the VEEDEEO cloud services and offering a co-branded video platform that will leave your competition behind.


Fast Deployment
VEEDEEO is a 100% cloud platform that requires no infrastructure or complex implementations. Our product is available and ready-to-run - so we just need to focus on building your market offering and grow sales.
Co-branded Product
Strengthen your brand identity by offering a co-branded product to the market. VEEDEEO co-branding options include the VEEDEEO online application, video meeting wallpaper and meeting email invitations.
Integrated with your audio
VEEDEEO can be easily integrated with your own PSTN phone networks, so that the integrated audio-conference - dial-in and call-back - can be delivered by your own infrastructure.
Robust, Scalable and Global Infrastructure
The VEEDEEO cloud platform is built on top of the most advanced cloud provider - Google Compute Engine - giving you the best guarantees in terms of performance, global coverage and robustness.
State-of-the-art Technology
Provide one of the best and most competitive video cloud technologies. VEEDEEO includes all features valued by customers: virtual meetings rooms, cloud video connectivity, live video streaming, video recording, audio conference and Skype for Business integration.
Great Partner Margins
By partnering with VEEDEEO, you will have access to interesting partner margins that guarantee great return.

Join the VEEDEEO Space

Video communications are strong and growing globally. As video calling has finally entered the habits of millions of consumers, businesses of every size and industry are investing in video collaboration as the new way of working.

VEEDEEO can put your company at the top front of the video communications arena, by providing you with a robust, all-in-one video collaboration product suited for all market segments - from SMBs to Large Enterprise customers. Expand your product portfolio to cloud video communications with VEEDEEO and grow your revenue stream with a modern product with minimum investment and zero-risk.

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