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Video System Configuration Guides

Learn how to register your video systems at the VEEDEEO Cloud Video Gatekeeper (SIP/H323):

Network Connectivity Settings

Review the recommended network settings for connecting to the VEEDEEO cloud (for video conferencing systems and browsers).

Video Meeting Survival Guide

Hosting or attending a VEEDEEO meeting?
Become a videoconference guru by using our Video Meeting and Live Broadcast Survival Guides:

Quick User Guides

Learn how to use the main VEEDEEO features by watching these short, 1 min videos.

Test Connectivity

Test your connectivity to VEEDEEO virtual meeting rooms by doing a test call from your video conferencing system, browser or smartphone.

Mobile App

Download the VEEDEEO App from the Google Play and Apple Store and join VEEDEEO virtual meeting rooms from your smartphone:

Chrome Screen-share Extension

Add the Chrome Screen-share Extension to your Google Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store:

Knowledge Base

Search our database for known issues and solutions.

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